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Dec 2,2015 | News and Events
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Children play as a donkey cart passes destroyed buildings in the Al-Ora's neighbourhood of Zinjibar.
May 15,2015 | News and Events
GENEVA, May 12 (UNHCR) – A UN refugee agency shipment of aid has arrived by sea in the Yemen port of Hodeida carrying blankets, sleeping mats and kitchen utensils for 60,000 people while pre... Read More
High Commissioner Guterres meets refugee returnees to discuss the challenges they have faced since leaving Kenya and settling in the Somali port of Kismayo.
May 14,2015 | News and Events
KISMAYO, Somalia, May 11 (UNHCR) – Twenty-two-year-old Ali Abdi Madar was born and raised in Kenya's sprawling Dadaab refugee camp. But when the opportunity arose to go to Somalia,... Read More
Fishing boats head out into the Bay of Bengal. UNHCR fears thousands could be stranded on smugglers' boats and in need of rescue.
May 13,2015 | News and Events
GENEVA, May 12 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency on Tuesday called on governments in South-east Asia to step up search-and-rescue efforts and keep their borders open, amid continuing reports that thousa... Read More
Amin and Hanan rest with their children in Augusta, Sicily
May 12,2015 | News and Events
The sun is still rising over the Italian port of Augusta, on the eastern coast of Sicily, when 446 people finally step onto dry land after eight days at sea. Crammed into a fishing boat, they often wo... Read More
An elderly woman waits among a crowd of other Burundian refugees for assistance in Rwanda's Mahama Refugee Camp.
May 11,2015 | News and Events
GENEVA, May 8 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency on Friday warned that pre-election violence in Burundi threatens to undo some of the most promising developments in recent refugee history in Africa, with... Read More
A worker loads UNHCR aid destined for delivery to thousands of people in quake-affected areas of Nepal.
May 8,2015 | News and Events
KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 7 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has flown in shelter materials for some 34,000 earthquake survivors in Nepal, with more supplies on their way as the number of displaced people... Read More
UNHCR staff is providing immediate relief such as clothes, blankets, and hygiene kits to Rohingyas
May 6,2015 | News and Events
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is deeply concerned at this week’s discovery of dozens of bodies in smugglers’ camps in southern Thailand. The agency calls on countries in the region... Read More
These Burundians in Rwanda's Bugesera reception centre fled across the border to escape from pre-election violence.
May 5,2015 | News and Events
GENEVA, April 28 (UNHCR) – Almost 21,000 Burundian civilians have fled to neighbouring Rwanda this month to escape electoral violence, including a surge of more than 5,000 who crossed the border over... Read More
A family in Sindhuli district in Nepal now has roof over their head. We are reaching out to the families to provide shelter in the rural areas whose houses have been destroyed from the earthquake.
May 4,2015 | News and Events
Bangkok, Thailand 4th May 2015 (UNHCR), On the 25th of April, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. Thousands of Nepalese have fled from their homes and hundreds of buildings have collapse... Read More
Video of Nepal earthquake damages and help from UNHCR
May 1,2015 | News and Events
UNHCR officers are working tirelessly in the 3 eastern provinces of Nepal that have been experiencing additional damage from aftershocks in the country. UNHCR’s emergency assistance has delivered 19,0... Read More