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Refugee Stories

Blind Karen farmer harvests dignity as well
MAE LA REFUGEE CAMP, Thailand, July 2 (UNHCR) – Ka Du Lar is not a man to let a devastating mishap – losing both his eyes and most of his left arm to shrapnel from a landmine – hol... Read More >>
Resettlement of Myanmar refugees from Thailand camps hits 50,000 mark
MAE HONG SON, Thailand, June 30 (UNHCR) – With a look of apprehension on his face, a traditional woven pink bag slung over his shoulder and his wife and baby daughter at his side, a young scho... Read More >>
A Little Girl with Gratitude
There are about 7,000 children without parents or guardians in the refugee camps.  Hhtee Shee, a 12-year-old orphan, is one of them. She stays in a boarding house with other 40 girls who share... Read More >>
Refugee’s Teacher
From monk hood, to soldier, hotel staff, librarian and social worker, teacher Kamnol Chailert, has never thought that his life could be so dramatic as teaching refugees at Umpium camp, Tak province. Read More >>
My life…I Design
How many people would have thought they would find a beauty salon offering haircut, hair washing, perm or even colouring in a refugee camp? ZOA, a Netherlands-based refugee-care organization suppo... Read More >>
Dream Comes True
Tway Tway Lin a 27-year-old mother of a little girl looks forward to being reunited with her sisters, who have been in the United States for a year. Her stepfather and mother have just departed Thai... Read More >>
Kyaw Lay : Time to start a new life
The eyes of the young man, 22 years old, shine so bright when he says he will start a new life in the US in the next six days. That’s right, on the day that you read this story, Kyaw Lay wil... Read More >>
Lu Cea : A dream of a new home for two disabled children
A 45 year old mom, Lu Cea had 13 children but only nine have survived. Among them, one boy and one girl have become disabled because they had a high fever when they were young. Kyaw Ti Noon, her 2... Read More >>
Naw Hser Hser : Waiting patiently
The story of Naw Hser Hser (not real name)’s family is not different from many other refugees living in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Their village was attacked, men were taken to becom... Read More >>
Naw Lah Paw : No one left behind
In 2006, Naw Lah Paw (not her real name), her husband and three children left their village, hid in the forest, walked along the rivers, passing one village after another. It took them one month to... Read More >>