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UNHCR Thailand

We have been worked continuously with the government and NGOs in order to help and provide protection to refugees who live in refugee camp in Thailand by the invitation of Thai Government in 1975 until now

United Nation High commissioner for refugees or UNHCR was invited by Thai Government to operate work in Thailand in 1975

At that time, there was Indochinese refugee crisis; millions of refugees fled from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to Thailand. Thailand has helped 1.3 million of them for many years.

Throughout the years, UNHCR was work on humanitarian principles continuously for refugees and persons of concern. Nowadays, there are 106,815 refugees remain in 9 camps 4 provinces along the Thai-Myanmar border; which are Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Mae Hong Son and Tak. Every camp are operated by the government and assisted by many NGOs. Most of the refugees are minorities from Myanmar, Karen and Karenni which consist of man, women, elder and children.

UNHCR mainly focus on humanitarian work. The important role and our mandates are providing protection and operation through the programs to ensure that refuges live in the camps safely. All UNHCR staff work around the clock to help the most vulnerable persons in the world like them. Besides, we also work cooperatively with the government and other NGOs to reach the objective effectively and most beneficially to the refugees and persons of concern.